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First Good Pig Awards for Italian producers

News Section Icon Veröffentlicht 26.07.2016

This year’s Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards celebrated numerous leading food companies for their higher welfare practices and policies, but two in particular deserve a special mention: Fumagalli and PrimaVera – pioneers in Italian pig production and the very first winners of Compassion’s Good Pig Award in Italy.

Standard pig production in Italy does not meet the needs of sows and meat pigs and the level of investment and commitment shown by these winners to improve and address fundamental issues in pig welfare is unprecedented.

One of the key factors that has allowed these companies to improve the standards of animal welfare on their farms is that they both have complete control of their supply chain, from breeding to slaughter. This not only guarantees full traceability but also allows them to work on developing and enhancing their production system and products.

PrimaVera Bio Salumificio Pedrazzoli has produced organic meat since 1996 and raises all its pigs on straw bedding, giving them comfort and the ability to perform natural behaviours such as rooting and nesting.

Since 2013, when they received a Good Sow Commendation, they have remained committed to the welfare of their pigs and this year celebrated their Good Pig Award with a video communicating their commitment to higher welfare pig farming.

Watch their video (in Italian) here...

Last year Fumagalli committed to improving the lives of their breeding sows which saw them pick up a Good Sow Commendation at Compassion’s Awards ceremony in Milan.

This year, they have extended their commitment to include meat pigs for which they received one of our first full Good Pig Awards in Italy. Through their commitments they are addressing the major issues of confinement, mutilations and lack of a stimulating environment, which predominates standard pig production.

Fumagalli’s welfare standards are market leading and their communication and marketing which focuses on the welfare of their pigs is raising consumer awareness and driving demand for higher welfare products.

Watch their video (in Italian) here...

These awards demonstrate that it is possible to develop farming systems that respect the welfare of pigs and that, even countries like Italy – not known for its higher welfare standards – is undergoing a radical change of attitude and approach to animal welfare.

Read more about the Good Pig Award or apply here.


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