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Garrets: Wellen machen

Barry Samms who manages food purchasing says:

By supplying free range eggs our seafarers are able to enjoy a high quality product which we offer with the knowledge that it also helps to support more ethical food production practices

Garrets are a strong advocate for ethical food standards in the industry and are already making waves in this highly competitive and cost-driven market. Due to the international nature of their organisation they face unique challenges in terms of sourcing higher animal welfare from countries with varying levels of regulation and acceptance of animal welfare standards. Garrets are striving to overcome these challenges to introduce free range, organic and ethical sourcing policies as standard across their entire onboard menu.

The scale of Garrets’ purchasing power has allowed them to affect the markets that they operate in, creating demand in-country and compelling suppliers to make positive change in their practices to improve animal welfare.

We intend to recognise Garrets’ international commitment to higher animal welfare by awarding them our first Global Good Egg and Good Chicken Award this year and look forward to working in partnership to find solutions in challenging markets across all product ranges.

The Lloyds list is one of the oldest continuously running journals and the main stay of news and information for the shipping industry. Garrett’s leading stance on farm animal welfare not only raises the company’s profile but also brings attention to animal welfare issues within the industry.


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