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2 Auszeichnungen

2 Auszeichnungen

Good Egg Award (2011) Das Goldene Ei

Jahr: 2011
Region: Deutschland
Kategorie: Eiprodukte (Flüssigei oder Eipulver)

Status: Verpflichtung

Good Egg Award (2009) Das Goldene Ei

Jahr: 2009
Region: Deutschland
Kategorie: Ganze Eier oder Schaleneier

Status: Verpflichtung

tegut... was founded in 1947 and now operates 310 supermarkets in Germany with a strong focus on organic products: more than 3,000 products are certified organic and organic sales are 20% of the total revenue. tegut...wins its second Good Egg Award in 2011 for its consistent pursuit of sustainability and its decision to switch to barn and free-range egg product in all own-label brands.

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